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Gypsy 6.25

Some guys are just classics. The Gypsy has been in The Gang since the day one. The trigger man.
Cause when the wind is firing, you ask yourself this question: Who am I taking on the job with me? When the situation is special, conditions are really hard ,and there is only one open seat, the choice has to be wise. A good boss will say - "Get me the Gypsy". A good decision.
Gypsy is a 6,25 meter kite made to serve experienced riders in strong w

2012 Frenzy Ultralite
The Frenzy Ultralite is based from the Frenzy design but produced with lighter materials mainly to reduce weight and packing size. It is the perfect kite for backcountry riding, hiking and discovering new snowkiting spots. The Ultralite is 25% (on average) lighter than the standard Frenzy, and the reduced packed size leaves you with more space for other important tools needed during backcountry sessions. The top surface is made from Porcher Sport Skytex 36gm2

Bunny 5

You remember that kid that was shorter than a chair last time you saw him?

Guess what? Now that kid is flying way above everybody. He happens to be the absolute superhero. People have already started to say it is better to know him than not.

The Bunny: small in stature but huge in power and maneuverability, you need him in your quiver if yo

2013 Access
The 2012 Ozone Access is the ultimate entry level to intermediate snow kite. It has been designed for riders looking for an incredibly versatile and easy kite to ride for freeriding and backcountry exploring.

The new 2012 Ozone Access features an added safety option with the Contact Control System, allowing for easy 100% flag-out safety whilst retaining the brake handle landing option. Also added this y


The Joke is a high performance allround board that was designed by us to deliver a no-compromise tool for all the riders who really go for it. Providing the demanding kiteboarder with a blend of high performance and ease of use no matter their riding style: charging in the flats, dancing in the chops, hitting the sliders, or even carving the waves - was our goal.  All of this was made possible because of the unique construction of The Joke. This enables every rider to go big in absolutel


For riders looking to excel in wakestyle or freeride, the DROID (135x41 cm) will provide! The Droid is a very lightweight and strong wood core board that provides smooth edging, balanced power, and easy control. An extremely fun ride that will take you to new heights, or hold a progressive edge like nothing else before. We took the perfect rocker, added a deep concave and variable flex to create a lively twin tip with direct yet relaxed feel. The wide ride will have you gliding upwind and not

Judge 2012
And as if that's not enough, we eagerly welcome our new C kite, the Judge to the Epic family of kites. The Judge is a true C kite with the benefits of modern relaunch and safety. Wakestyle riders will love the smooth, constant pull, light bar pressure and explosive pop. Wave riders looking for a new school feel will enjoy responsive turning speed, insanely easy unhooked riding and drift.

2012 C4
The latest generation of C4 brings a fresh new look along with refinements to each size. We have had amazing feedback from riders all around the world, so what we wanted to offer was a similar kite yet refined for improved freestyle & wakestyle performance.

Screamer 10m LTD 2012

The powerhouse is back! Our popular Screamer 10 meter Limited Edition is going 3G with some noted improvements. We always have considered the Limited Edition as our concept kite for the next iteration of the Screamers. This kite is our proving ground for the future sizes. With the 3G model, we've mellowed the abrupt power and made it more consistent and predictable allowing you to take advantage of stronger winds. We've also made this a faster turning and responding kite. Your kiteloops will


The Spartan 129x39 cm (Ultimate freestyle board) Is your freestyle warrior! This wood core board sports a concave bottom, ABS rails and flexible tips for explosive pop and ultimate efficiency. We've incorporated grab rails for those that like to poke our their grabs or for the big floaty board-off's. This high performance board was designed for the modern style of kiteboarding. We've spared no expense in construction for this ultra lightweight ride which will have you riding with speed, amazi


  • 2011 Uno

    Ozone set out to design a simple, affordable and robust inflatable depower trainer. The Uno is a unique design, with only one strut it is an ideal kitesurf trainer for schools, operating and functioning the sam...